'As parents we know how important it is to have peace of mind. We provide a happy daytime nursery in a safe and fun environment, ensuring that every child develops to their fullest potential in accordance with their interests and abilities.'

Appletree Nurseries have established a distinctive level in the quality of their care for children for over a decade.

From the very foundations of learning from six weeks, all the way to 8 years of age, Appletree Nurseries creates an environment that grows with your child.

   What We Can Provide For Your Child:

  • Open ended learning, which creates an unhindered explorational environment that fuels interest-led activities.
  • The latest in facilities, that allow the children with encouragement to grow at their pace with care and guidance.
  • Healthy balanced meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day to provide nourishment for the body as well as the mind.
  • Outdoor spaces for connecting with the natural world and indoor spaces with air conditioning.

   What We Can Provide For You:

  • Highly trained staff with low numbers of children, so each child gets the attention they deserve.
  • A nursery that is modelled around the convenience of the parent or guardian, by providing all branded nappies, wet wipes and formula milk.
  • Open Monday to Friday, with options for care.
  • The ability to have care providers that you can connect with about your child.

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