Why Open Ended Play?


By creating an open ended environment, it removes all boundaries from the child's learning processes set by rules or instructions. They are not being pushed into finding 'the right answer' through one any particular means. After all, there can be many answers to a problem with their project, or multiple ways to find the answer they are looking for.


At Appletree Nurseries, we are the facilitators to their own answers. To their own individual creative instinct that could lead to a totally new answer altogether. With our play, we aim for each child to use their own passions and imagination.


Appletree Nurseries makes numerous open ended rescources that can be used in limitless ways, from messy play to open worlds. All to flow with each child's unique personality and interests, whilst still having enthusiastic members of staff there to flow with them into using these to teach letters, numbers, culture, etc. to give the children in our care their own learning, in their own space.



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