Our Staff

'Our friendly staff team will always welcome you and your child with a smile.  We understand and appreciate individual needs and respect differences.  We strongly believe in working in partnership with parents, and by offering positive communication and the time to discuss your child's needs, we will together encourage continuity of care.'

The Key Worker will ensure that your child's achievements in nursery are recorded and shared with you at a convenient time.  Your Key Worker will be happy to discuss with you, any daily childcare issues you may have regarding sleeping, eating or behavioral habits.

All staff have induction training which includes Appletree Hygiene Standards, Planning and Preparation of Activities, Managing Children's Behaviour, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Child Protection.  All staff also receive mandatory First Aid Training, Food Hygiene and DBS Checks.

All Appletree staff are qualified and trained to respect your individual needs.  You and your child will be allocated with a Key Worker, who is a qualified member of our team and the main carer of your child.  You will have the opportunity before your child's first day to discuss your child's needs.  For example: their likes, dislikes and routine.